Charming views of the Bosphorus along with delicacies from the sea turn into feast at Akıntıburnu...

From 1967 to this day the venue has been serving with spectacular views of the Bosphorus in Arnavutköy and since January 2010, began to serve under the name of Akıntıburnu under Azderoğlu management.

Our restaurant is located at the narrowest part of the strait, Akıntıburnu, where you can see the symbols of Istanbul, the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Therefore, the landscape hosts an unprecedented view to its visitors and guests.

Guests' satisfaction forms the basic part of our administration, with professional management and high service quality our aim is to offer special cuisine in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

We deliver fresh fish and seafood from Fish Market to the hands of our talented chefs and we are also proud to present you the seafood and appetizers in a very healthy condition.


  1.Bebek Str. No: 115

  Akıntıburnu / Arnavutköy / Beşiktaş
  0212 263 48 29

  0212 265 05 25